Nidac GSM Communicators

CONNECTIONS - 20 screw terminals, 2 x power, 6 x relay outputs & 12 x inputs (including 4 x common connections).CONNECTIONS - 20 screw terminals, 2 x power, 6 x relay outputs & 12 x inputs (including 4 x common connections).INPUTS - 8 input channels configurable as N/O or N/C and Slave or Latch mode.OUTPUTS - 2 x SPDT relays 1A @ 30V max.POWER SUPPLY - 10 to 30V DC @ 300mA max (recommend 12 to 28V DC).OPERATING TEMP - 0 to 50°C.SIM SIZE - micro (not supplied).ANTENNA - SMA connector.  8 inputs Selectable as NO or NC trigger between input and GND. Selectable as latching or slave. 2 x 1A 30V SPDT relay outputs Controlled via incoming SMS or by ringing into the dialler and using DTMF tone sequences. Compatible with all 3 Australian 3G providers (Telstra, Optus & Vodafone) supporting 850MHz, 900MHz and 2100MHz to provide maximum coverage and user choice of provider. Requires user supplied micro SIM. All data (including voice messages) are stored in non-volatile memory. All programming, except voice messages, can be done via SMS commands or USB connection with PC software. Voice messages can be programmed by calling into the unit and using DTMF commands to record or playback the messages. LED indication for power, SIM card detected and accessible, 3G signal and call in progress. Triggering of alarm inputs sends SMS text and/or calls numbers and plays voice message. Dialling sequence can be cancelled via SMS command or keypad tones when voicesage is received. If an input has both SMS and voice numbers assigned, there is a 30 sec. delay from when the SMS texts are sent until voice calls are made allowing the alarm to be acknowledged via SMS. 15 seconds of recorded voice per input. Up to 99 phone numbers can be stored, each input can have up to 16 of these numbers assigned to it. The dialler can be interrogated to determine the current state of the inputs/outputs via SMS command and SMS response.

Nidac GSM Communicators



Nidac Voice & SMS Dialler 3G, 8 Inputs



Nidac Voice & SMS Dialler 3G, 8 Inputs~

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